Ингредиенты: vanilla ice cream, blueberries, milk, whipped cream

The summer heat is always draining your energy so you need to reinvigorate yourself with a nice refreshment. Don`t worry we have the perfect choice for you. Stay healthy and don`t make any compromises. That is why we came up with the idea of buying wild blueberries from a mountain gatherer. These specific fruits are guaranteed … подробнее

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Ингредиенты: mint leaves, lime juice, syrup, coconut water, white rum, ice

 Just imagine yourself on a sunny summer day on a wild beach somewhere in Cuba just laying on a sunbed hearing the waves. This picture is not complete without a nice drink to cool you down. To blend with the situation we recommend you get a nice mojito inside a coconut fruit.  The recipe is … подробнее

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Ингредиенты: gin, syrup, lemon, liqueur, vermouth

If you want to feel how it was in the 1930`s when the alcohol prohibition ended and everyone started to get more picky with their drinks, you should really taste the Orange Negroni. To keep the tradition we have premixed the gin with vermouth into an old charred oak barrel. The taste will not be complete without a … подробнее

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Ингредиенты: light rum, liqueur, lime, sugar, ice, watermellon

Taste the summer with a cold refreshing drink that will cheer you up and take you strait to the beach. We know how to make a good Mai Tai and the secret to make it perfect is to put the exact amount of ingredients. The light rum we brought from Cuba is blended with a touch of … подробнее

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Ингредиенты: Spanish red wine, brandy, orange juice, apple, blackberries, pomegranate

Have you ever wondered how it`s like to visit Costa del Sol from the Spanish riviera? Well now it`s easier to imagine with our special Sangria. Red wine mixed with fresh fruits like apples, blackberries and pomegranates are all mixed with brandy and a bit of orange juice. This is the perfect recipe for a … подробнее

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Ингредиенты: banana, pineapple, rum, coconut rum, shredded coconut

Who does not like to lay on the beach on a hot summer day feeling the breeze and enjoying a nice cocktail? Well we know what is the best choice for you so we made a smooth drink from fresh fruits and just a bit of rum to spice things up. Today we taught you … подробнее

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Ингредиенты: freshly chopped mint leaves, ice cubes, honey

Fresh mint leaves are always a good and refreshing idea. Even if it’s early in the morning or even late in the afternoon a glass of sweet mint tea will take you to old memories from your childhood when you were in summer vacation or just at your grandmother’s house. Try our sweet mint tea, … подробнее

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Ингредиенты: lemongrass, ginger, sugar, pineapple, coconut milk, rum, cherry

Have something to celebrate with your girlfriends or it`s just your girls’ night? We have the perfect party starter for you. This mixture of fresh ingredients and smooth alcohol will get you into the mood. The piña colada is a sweet cocktail made with rum, coconut cream or coconut milk, and pineapple juice, usually served … подробнее

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Ингредиенты: lime juice, Jamaican rum, orange, pineapple, grenadine syrup

When you want to taste something sweet but also would like a bit of alcohol and you cannot decide what to choose, this is the perfect choice. This cocktail is light with just a bit of Jamaican rum and a lot of fruits. Punch is the term for a wide assortment of drinks, both non-alcoholic … подробнее

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Ингредиенты: fresh lemon juice, frozen raspberries, ice cubes, honey

Think of a lemonade but more colorful and even tastier. Today you have to go all natural and serve a refreshing lemonade made from naturally sweet mashed raspberries, lemon juice, and water. The sweet and tart combination will trigger your senses and as you drink you want even more of it. The refreshing feeling the icy lemonade … подробнее

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