Coconut-Banana Colada

Ингредиенты: banana, pineapple, rum, coconut rum, shredded coconut

Who does not like to lay on the beach on a hot summer day feeling the breeze and enjoying a nice cocktail? Well we know what is the best choice for you so we made a smooth drink from fresh fruits and just a bit of rum to spice things up. Today we taught you would enjoy a Coconut-Banana Colada made by the original recipe.


First we blend the fruits together adding banana, shredded coconut and a slice of pineapple. After the mixture is done we add a bit of coconut rum and just steer the drink several times and at the end we add the original Cuban Rum  we always use for the best cocktails. This is a great drink to have on the beach or even when you start a party night. It will get you into the mood.


We hope you will enjoy our exotic mixture!