Vanilla or Chocolate Nutty Cookies

Ингредиенты: butter, raw brown sugar, peanuts, pecans, jam, chocolate

Are you in for a snack? Taste our large variety of freshly backed cookies made especially for you. Even if you have a hot drink or just want a quick sweet treat, this is the perfect choice. There is nothing like a good small cookie to remind you of your childhood.

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Our cookies are made according to a special recipe we`ve received from a friend that baked all types of cookies all his life. His bakery was so successful now he ships his cookies worldwide! Don`t tell him but we`ve added a secret ingredient to the recipe: our love to make the best dishes ever. So trust us when you choose this small treat, you will want more and you`re not to be blamed.


The firs person to try them said: «You won`t need to cook anymore, you can just bake these cookies and you`re all set!». We are grateful for your reviews and we know you will come back. So don`t hesitate an taste out chocolate cookies right away.