Smoked Salmon Sandwich

Ингредиенты: smoked salmon, shrimps, lettuce, yogurt sauce, eggs

Are you in a hurry? Wait! Don`t even think of going to a fast food and eat something that will only fill you up! You can eat healthy even if you don`t want to sit at a restaurants` table and order something fancy. Just come in and take a look at our variety of fresh sandwiches. We promise you won`t regret.


Today we`ve made the Smoked Salmon Sandwich which we can say it`s one of the most healthiest you can find on the market. Why that? Because we use only natural ingredients and we don`t use artificial taste enhancers. This is the real taste of a salmon sandwich. We know it`s cheaper to get a burger at a corner fast food, but do you really want that? We though so…


So don`t hesitate to taste our fresh made sandwich! We know you`ll come back for more.