Shrimps and Shells Soup

Ингредиенты: shrimps, sea shells, onions, vinegar, ginger, tomatoes, garlic, carrot

Start your dinner with a special appetizer that has its` roots in southern Europe, in the Italian Riviera. They have a tradition in cooking and eating this delicate dishes where there is a main ingredient and the rest just help put the star of the dish in front even more. Today we present you the Shrimps and Shell soup, which we believe is one of the finest starters out there. It is prepared with fresh ingredients and served in a special designed plate.


We garnish this soup with some colorful vegetables to enhance the presence of the sea fruits and to make it even more desirable. The most important thing is to eat it at the perfect temperature, not to hot, but not to cold. Be sure our chef will take care of this and you will have a perfect experience. We are lucky to bring you the original ingredients directly from the Mediterranean Sea among with natural vegetables harvested in a farm right outside the town. Everything is natural with no artificial ingredients.


We think this is one of the best choices for a starter that will open your appetite for the main course to come.