Poppy Seed-Lemon Twists

Ингредиенты: butter, lemon, milk, poppy seed filling, sweet dough

Did you have a great meal and now you want to eat a small dessert?

Try our bakery recipe of Poppy seed — Lemon Twists. We think this kind of dessert suits everyone who looks after his weight but also likes to taste something sweet and healthy.

The ingredients we use are all natural purchased from a verified farm. Your health is a priority so be sure we choose the best things for you.

The sweet dough is cut and twisted and is mixed with butter and lemon and afterwards poppy seeds are added into the mixture. At the end we brush the whole baking pan and its` content with butter to enhance the taste and make it look perfect.


Tame your lust with this sweet and healthy treat.

We hope you will enjoy this dessert!