Meat & Vegetable Skew on Grill

Ингредиенты: pork meat, tomatoes, mushrooms, cucumbers, peppers

Are you searching for a tasty meal? This is the perfect one with a nice blend of meat and vegetables all skewed up and grilled in the barbecue stove just how you would do it at your garden party. The fresh meat we get delivered every day  from our friends from the farm outside town is 100% organic and perfectly chosen to meet our expectations. The vegetables are also natural with now artificial taste or growing enhancers. So be prepared to be blown away by the taste of this dish!


The tradition we keep is to make the fire with wood. We don`t grill them on gas and you will certainly feel the taste difference. The most important thing is we take care of out customers health and believe us that gas flame is not what we want to reach the meat we serve to you. The combination of vegetables all stacked on the skew will garnish the taste of the meat and you won`t even need a side plate to go with it.

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So enjoy this healthy and really tasty recipe we love to cook for you!