Grilled Chicken-and-Rice

Ингредиенты: chicken thighs, rice, salsa, tomato paste, chili, turmenic

If you have a good quality meat you can bet you will also have a great grilled BBQ. That`s why we always look for the best products. Natural fed chickens are a must in this industry and trust us we know better. We use the traditional recipe but the only difference is the barbecue sauce we start brushing on toward the end.


Also we go for a bowl of rice boiled and then fried in his own juice in the pan. We don`t leave it to much so it`s still hydrated. This is a perfect combination for people who keep a diet and take care of their body. We all want to look good so let`s eat healthier.


We typically sprinkle the BBQ with lemon juice repeatedly as it grills, which, while imparting a wonderful flavor, doesn’t do any favors for the meat. The moisture from the coating of juice will delay browning of the skin, meaning that the interior will overcook before the skin crisps.

Just think about this delicious and tasty recipe. We hope you will enjoy it!