Grandma’s Cheesecake

Ингредиенты: heavy cream, whipped cream cheese, sugar, eggs, lemon, graham crackers

One will never forget the inviting smell of grandma’s desserts. There’s always something magical in every sweet treat they prepare. Smooth and consistent at the same time, simple yet sophisticated, the grandma’s desserts are carefully made with love and care.


So is our special Grandma’s Cheesecake! One single bite and we promise you will absolutely love the amazing mixture of flavors!


It’s obvious that no one will ever cook as good as your nanny, but this might be the closest you can get to the unforgettable delicious homemade cheesecake.
The ingredients are basic, but what makes it special is the care and attention we put in every process of the recipe. Exactly! Just like your grandma would do!