Chocolate Cake

Ингредиенты: cocoa, sugar, butter, eggs, chocolate buttercream, milk, vanilla

Chocolate cake
Chocolate? Yes please!


Nothing will satisfy a chocolate craving better than our special rich and moist chocolate cake.
Full of chocolate from top to bottom, soft and fudgy at the same time, there’s no way you could resist it! Prepare yourself for a complete experience of flavors and textures! Every layer will be a sweet surprise!


Through the years, our famous chocolate cake got better and better, satisfying the most exigent tastes. We make no compromise when it comes to quality of our products. We put attention in the details so every cake is a completely new challenge for us to raise the bar a little higher and meet the expectations of our customers.

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And above all these, the cake is gluten free! What else could one wish for? You have absolutely no excuses!